Finding Love Online After 40 50: Dating Advice Women Men LAW of MOMENTUM Science of Mind Habit

Finding Love Online After 40 and Over 50: Dating Advice for Women and Men Exploit the Law of MOMENTUM to Your Advantage in Dating

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Filmed in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach California Guys, and getting this more next week but it's same thing [dating advice to single women to socialize and do Girls Night Out outtings] go out, do, often do more social activities than necessarily exclusively the Club Scene I mean a club scene, it still can be cool and still can be great It's really it's not conducive for conversation It's not meant to be

Which is fine you know [However, for finding love after 40 over 50] and we just want also like the social dancing clubs are often it's similar kind of a scene and actually better [for singles social interaction] because it is conducive to conversation And you see the same people coming there every time And what starts to happen is you start to get a little bit skilled in the dance and once you get to be a decent leader of the dance, women want to dance with you and it's like cool Whether that's you date or not just the fact it's like I get to interact and talk with women and learn about the foreign species and how they're thinking is always useful for men and women because we both teach like always be learning about what the other is thinking

You have this interesting look on your face, is that a question? [Single man in 40s singles seminar attendee] "There's a lot of things I have a question about internet dating, one of the problems I've had so far, well many problems, but one of them I notice is that there are a lot more men online than there are women So, that's quite a disadvantage," How old are you, may I ask? [Single guy in 40s workshop attendee] "41" Okay, I'm laughing because everyone, women say the exact same thing the other way around It is there's so much about perception and maybe it's about like the demographic you're looking at or and it's anything but I'm given any negative way it's like sometimes it's like each of us has like the demographic we're looking in

And it's, I'll bring my marker next week to do more stuff about that in terms of our searching and who we're hitting on In general, whoever you kind of think of is going to be your the term we use in in sales is your target ideal prospect [Over 40 Single Man attendee] "Right" Each of those sort of characteristics, let's just say it's five characteristics Take each of them and expand them slightly

Expand the age kind of like either direction by like three to five years I'm not saying you're marrying who you're going to meet It's just, it's like, stretch Ethnic religious groups If we are, at the stage of life I'm at right now, it is highly unlikely I will be having children going forward and I say this to load my clients who are in their 50s in plus is that it's consider because a lot of stuff about religion is really a lot of it water comes down to it's like yeah it's about a couch in our life but a lot of really into being about how we're gonna raise our kids well if you don't have to raising kids and you both you know have a lot of similarity of spirituality is important to me or something like that it's like if you can find more about like the value that's important to you it expresses that and talk about that sometimes you can date in a slightly more expanded way it doesn't have to be that your is gonna marry them or not because it starts to happen is whatever is the behavior we are tending towards doing is the behavior we continue to Alimentum this is a behavior we continue to do if we're not dating we're not dating we continue to not take loss is extent needy people quite a handful of dates we continue to do that and do more of it whereas it's in Sinking terms like the law of physics about what the plane takes off is the greatest that that liftoff is the greatest use of energy and fuel whatever is your liftoff of that like first really is like a month to three months it takes about a month to two months to make it have it they see three weeks but like habit of like routine activities into your life getting out making an effort to dressing up and looking nice it's different than necessarily dressing up for a date dressing up I go dancing I'm like I'm doing square dancing right now inside what lies in Northern California love west coast waiting the folks that's great on scene similarly you've been dancing before as I get you know I just I'm kind of West Coast I've seen salsa I mean I or it's the East Coast Swing which is a poppier as iconic let's go swing when I find it West Coast waiting place like I'll be going on I dress up for it I'm not dressed up like I'm going to a dance club I'm a girl I've been never and the first few times of doing that midweek is your home it's after work we're tired and it feels like an effort the first few times by the like third week it's like cool I'm going dancing tonight it's fun

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