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More the character of the person, is this someone who's kind? Is this someone who's gracious? Because so much of a relationship at one point one of us will have the stomach flu You know, we will all look unlovely and unalluring And is this someone who will, when I'm sick, will go to the store, who will do all of that for me The kitchen might not be perfect at the end, but they'll like have taken care of like the house while I'm sick and vice versa

And those are some of the things that especially like the seduction guys you know because they've a different goal and some of them are trying to segue more to be relationship advice experts now but they're talking about like trying to pick someone up right away And it's all about being alluring and they'll talk about like cocky behavior arrogance and stuff like that And I'm like, initial attraction it's cool Initial attraction is more important that a man feels that way for a woman because typically, typically men if he doesn't find her attractive right away never does He might find her a lovely person but that romantic chemistry will never be there

For women we often will develop feelings of attraction for a man who still it was like appealing, I mean it was not someone we didn't find attractive whatsoever, who we maybe only just found appealing maybe not a lot of chemistry right away, where he just treats us so well, treats us well over time I don't mean like the dozens of roses like the gift giving kind of treats us well Opens doors, really cherishes us, talks with us, does things and where he's busy with his work, too, and just like treats me in a kind, relationship-oriented way, then THAT's someone who is very attractive and very appealing as a life partner And think about the lifestyle that you lead Do you have a business of your own

Do you, are you a salesperson? Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner are even employee? Do you travel a lot? Even if you're an employee, do you travel a lot? Think a little bit creatively of what will match with me, what won't

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