When Online Dating Goes Too Far

♪♪ [audience cheering] Come on, guys! There's got to be some guys out there for us! What about this one? Is one of his pics a bathroom mirror selfie? Yeah I'd swipe left

Yeah Eh? Both: No Eh? No! No! Eh? Both: Wow That's a really cute dog Yeah

That dog could be the one, Natalie He looks so sweet, like he'd take care of you Yeah But the guy braids his beard into his chest hair But the dog, Natalie! The dog

How does he move his head? What if he doesn't bring the dog on the date? Oh, she does have a point I once went on four dates with a guy, hoping to meet his dog, only to find out it was his mom's dog And he had a bird Both: Oh! And he was part of ISIS What? And he had a bird! Oh, look at this guy! Oh, is that his apartment? That's an Anthropolgie coach, swipe right

Oh, it looks so soft The rest of his pics are just of him and not of the couch Come on, enhance! Can you zoom in on the couch pic? Enhance it, enhance it I just want to see if it's suede Mm

I wish he wasn't shirtless on it, I mean don't get your Cheeto sweat on that velvet Anthropologie masterpiece Should I swipe right just to tell him to take better care of his couch? No, no What if he gets mad you aren't interested and takes it out on the couch? Right, think of the couch Yeah Why do guys always have to post shirtless pics? And some of them try to be sneaky about it, so they don't seem as shallow

Shirtless while rock-climbing Shirtless while doing a hula dance at a children's charity? Oh, shirtless while using his t-shirt as a tourniquet for a bleeding deer? Pass! I see you, you just want me to see your gym bod, brah It's like, we get it, you have a torso! Oh man You guys, this guy doesn't have a torso Both: Huh

I'm swiping right Yeah, I would For sure Oh! Guys, guys, guys, oh never mind He's got too many selfies with his grandma

See that one's tough, because on one hand, awww, he's best buds with his grandma And on the other hand, he's best buds with his grandma! Yeah Oh, humanitarian selfie! Oh, please, like you remember all those third world children's names? A-left a-swipe Classic, classic, a girl's arm is cut off on the side of the photo Oh, I see, so you cropped out your ex-wife or your hot mom, either way, I don't need that drama

No Oh, you guys, look at this guy Oh Mal, his first pic is a group pic So? It's too bad, he's probably that ugly short one on the left You don't know that, he could be the one in the middle with the good hair

[gasp] He was the janitor in the background [audience laughs] Oh man, this is just making me sad, you guys Guys, we just have to keep swiping Mallory: Yeah Okay, doubletime! Excuse me, you guys haven't seen my pure-bred German Shepherd anywhere around here, have you? Oh my goodness

He's wearing an Anthropologie collar Mallory: Right! Whitney:I'm swiping but he's not coming to me Natalie: Show me more angles Mallory: Where's the shirtless pic? Oh my [audience cheering] What is wrong with guys today? I don't know

Okay, y'all have been here for 14 hours, it's time to go Please, left for you Do I look like a cellular phone application? Go on, and git, crazy ladies! Go on! Go on and git! Fine Don't make me say it a fourth time– Go now! I was the janitor in the background [audience cheering] ♪♪ Natalie: Hey guys, thanks for watching that sketch, and make sure you subscribe to our channel

Whitney: And like this video Mallory: Mm-hmm, and comment below about something surprising that you would swipe right on, on a dating app Mallory: Like a guy with gray hair Whitney: Silver fox Natalie: That's true, some guys can pull it off

Mallory: Right swipe Yes please Natalie: No teeth Whitney: I was going to say no nose

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